The Silencer The Silencer
Ionian Ionian
Lydian Lydian
Locrian Locrian
Mixolydian Mixolydian
Exten-Tor - The Sound Stretcher Exten-Tor - The Sound Stretcher
Uni-Tor - The Note Connector Uni-Tor - The Note Connector
Raptorr - The Tune Lord Raptorr - The Tune Lord
Phrygian Phrygian
Aeolian Aeolian
Dorian Dorian
Distortor Distortor
Picu Picu
IcePick IcePick
Alex Alex
Lexie Lexie
Tommy Tommy
Hi-Hat Bros Hi-Hat Bros
Rockelle Rockelle
Crowd Surfer Crowd Surfer
The Silencer